Excursions Available Your stay will not be complete without.

One of the most interesting things to do in Maldives is to indulge in the many excursions we offer from any part of the country.
Start from the Island itself and it’s history, experience the lifelihood of the locals. The beach, it’s sand and the many shells. And comes the surrounding lagoon, the deep waters and the many lively occupants of the down below.

Uninhabitat Island Trips

You get to go to a desert Island and spend the day to yourself with no locals so that you will get your privacy while on vacation with us.


Snorkel the clear lagoons of Kendhoo or near by Island or the sandbanks with our expert local guides.

Local Fishing

For generations Maldivians have relied on fishing as an occupation or as a way of sportsmanship. Why not experience the traditional way of earning a living by the Maldivians.

Island Descovery

Every Island in Maldives has it’s own history and folk stories. We will take you on a discovery trip around Kendhoo and it’s history. You will get to listen and ask about the Folk stories of the Island and all that you may want to know about the Island Kendhoo from the Islanders and it’s elderly.

Night Fishing

Mostly fishing at night is for the youngsters of the Island and it’s done when you are in need of a different taste of fish than the daily caught Tuna. You catch reef fish after sun down and we will BBQ the catch for the dinner.

Sandbank Trips

Visit the little sandbanks nearby for the day. You will get to swim in the lagoon or even snorkel the outer reef too.

Resort Visits

A visit to the closest resort can be organized, just in case your curiosity has been piqued. A small tour will be provided of the facilities available, and capped with a luxurious buffet-style dinner where you can eat your fill. Of course, beverages that are normally restricted in the main islands will also be available here if you wish to partake.

Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner for two could be yours if you wish to spend some quality time with your loved one near the beach. Grilled lobster, shrimp, and different varieties of seafood can be provided to meet your tastes as you enjoy each other’s company, illuminated by candle and the soft glow of the moon and stars, serenaded by the sound of the waves playing against the shoreline. For an even more isolated experience the dinner could be provided on the private island located some 20 minutes away provided of course, the weather permits.


The area around is a rich source of biodiversity inclusive of corals, sea anemones, colorful fishes, sea urchins, sponges, stars, lobster, octopi and many more. The sea and lagoons are clear this far from the capital, and the exquisite details of the different species of marine life can be seen as they glide by unconcerned of mischief from any big floundering humans.


What better way to end an exciting day then to cap it with a barbeque on the sandy beaches. Live Boduberu music will provide upon request, you with local beats while you enjoy grilling and eating the fish you caught that day, or the fish we caught for you. A campfire on the beach should provide sufficient and appropriate illumination as you relax on the beach with your friends and family.

Romantic Sailing

If the weather permits, a small sailing boat can be prepared for couples who wish to have an isolated and unique experience, enjoying the company of each other and the smooth swaying of the boat as you drift on gentle seas during the sun-rise or sunset. The fiery sunsets and golden sunrises are sure to take your breath away, as the entire horizon lights up before your eyes while you rest in the arms of your loved one.

Private Picnic

Alone on an uninhabited island is quite a unique experience. You can usually do so as part of an island-hopping tour. From snorkeling to swimming, diving to sunbathe, do whatever you feel like. At this uninhibited island, there is none to prevent you from doing anything.